With the onset of spring, the famous scorching heat of Indian summers can already be felt in the air, and we know it just gets worse. Now is the time to stock up your baby’s spring-summer collection with light and comfortable clothes.

Your baby's First Spring Collection Essentials

Here are some of the essentials that you ought to include while buying the newborn baby clothes online shopping.

  • Colourful shorts: It is going to be hot, and shorts are the best friends for anyone during this season. So this is what your baby will also be wearing in the home most of the time. Buy light and fun summer colours like sunny yellow, lime green, sky blue, and baby pink to suit them the spring-summer season.
  • Sleeveless t-shirts: Though people mainly buy this for boy babies, girls can easily wear them too. If you buy your baby clothes online shopping in India, then you will find a variety of colourful sleeveless t-shirts – airy and comfortable, preferably with pictures of cartoon characters on them to make the kids happy.
  • Tunics: Among the new born baby girl dresses online, tunics are quite a favourite. They are easy to wear for the baby and look very playful and cute as a summer dress.  You can go for the basic white and cottony ones for home – which is also called tape frock sometimes. For outside a splash of colour will be great.
  • Rompers: Rompers for babies neither go out of style nor requirement. They are super comfortable to sleep in – be it summer or winter. For spring and summer, buy them in lighter material and cool shades.
  • Fresh undergarments: Experts say it is not safe to use undergarments for more than 6 months – and even more so for the babies. Add this to your spring shopping as well – but the ones with softer elastic which is easy on the baby’s skin.

You will find these essentials and more on the websites selling baby products online shop in India.