An infant’s first winter season can be a troublesome time for both parents and the child. The temperature drops dangerously low – especially in North India – and even adults need multiple layers of clothing to guard themselves against the harsh cold. Needless to say, the season is even distressing for infants. Not only do they face the bitter cold for the first time but their inability to communicate when they feel too cold renders it even more difficult.

First and foremost, like adults, infants too need multiple layers of clothes. As a guide, always add one layer more than the number of layers you are wearing. Secondly, it is important to provide them with only organic cotton baby clothing. Organic cotton clothes are manufactured from organically grown cotton and chemical-free manufacturing techniques. As opposed to the majority of the clothing industry, these aren’t exposed to any chemicals during any stage of the manufacturing process.

Organic clothing is a boon for infants during winters. Since they need to be covered under multiple layers of clothing, ordinary clothes can expose them to a number of chemicals. This can put infants – with a developing immune system – at the risk of skin infections, skin irritation, allergy etc. Organic cotton clothing, while providing no less comfort than ordinary clothes, eliminates all these risks and ensures that no harmful chemical can hamper the development of an infant’s immune system.

Organic clothing has come to be accepted as a safe bet against exposure to chemicals for infants. Its advantages are much more evident – and much more required – during winters. Since the baby needs to be protected from the harsh cold, it is important not to do so at the cost of exposing him or her to harmful chemicals. Organic cotton baby clothing checks both the demands quite sufficiently.

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