Up until a baby is over a year old, crying is his only language. Whatever he is feeling, whatever he wants changed and whatever he needs – he communicates it all by crying. Understandably, it can be difficult for new parents to figure out what their baby wants, especially when he starts crying only a short while after he has been fed or changed. But difficult as the task is, there is no way around it either. Although what can make this difficulty a little easier to deal with is understanding why a baby cries, which could be due to five major reasons:

Hunger: The younger a baby, the more likely is the possibility that he or she is crying because of hunger. It is one of the most common reasons why a newborn cries. Since the stomach is really small at the age of infancy and can’t hold much food inside at a time, it doesn’t take long before for it to get empty. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula-feeding, take to it once every two hours – it may turn out to be even more frequent in the former case.

Needs to be held: A baby needs to be cuddled a lot – physical contact comforts him. So all his crying might be just because he wants to be held. Parents can sway and sing to add to the baby’s comfort while holding him.

Tired: A baby is the centre of everyone’s attraction, be it the family, the relatives or the neighbours. As such, doting visitors often over-stimulate a baby and make it hard for him to get a good sleep. To add to that, babies also find it hard to go to sleep when they are over-tired, instead switching over to crying at the slightest thing, being still and quiet, and staring blankly into space. Ideally, take the baby to a quiet room to help him sleep faster.

Nappy change: A wet or soiled nappy comes next in the list of why babies cry. If your baby resists having his nappy changed, it might be due to the feeling of air on his skin. Distract him with a song or a toy for the first week, after which he will probably adjust to the routine. Some babies also don’t mind a soiled or wet nappy unless their skin feels irritated.

Discomfort: A baby often cries when he is feeling either too hot or too cold. Parents can always check it by feeling his tummy – his hands or feet aren’t the best guide. Never under or overdress your baby and ensure that the clothes are comfortable. Organic newborn baby clothes online are the best option for parents to go for. With brands like Nino Bambino producing comfortable, stylish, organic and inexpensive newborn baby clothes India today, this is amongst the reasons with easiest of solutions. So don’t let your infant be perturbed by something as silly as discomfort only with Nino Bambino organic newborn baby clothes online shopping.