Having a baby is like getting blessed in life. Having a second baby is like getting blessed twice in life! You are hell bent on providing the utmost care and protection for your little ones. But sometimes having a second baby is hard to juggle, financially.

You need new clothes, accessories like bibs and binkies. So with this, a very standard question comes into parents’ minds: “What to include and what to discard for your second baby’s wardrobe?”

While it is feasible to use some baby products belonging to your first baby, there are some who definitely needs to be discarded.

What to include and what to throw away for your second baby’s wardrobe?

Here is what you can do:

  • For the most part, you can keep all the clothes of your first baby. It would be an advantage if you bought unisex clothes for your first born child. Even if you didn’t, it doesn’t matter much. You can purchase designer unisex baby clothes that can work both as toddler girl clothes and toddler boy clothes. Babies grow out of their clothes very soon, and it becomes lucrative to buy garments every time you have a kid. So, it is highly advisable to save all the clothes and shoes of your first born child.
  • You can include the bassinet and diaper genie of your firstborn.
  • While bibs and binkies must be replaced with new ones, the same goes for feeding bottles and water bottles as well.
  • You can also include the swaddles and the blankets of your first baby for the wardrobe of your second baby.

There are many online stores that sell designer unisex baby clothes and other baby accessories at very affordable price ranges. Most stores emphasize on using organic material for designing baby garments.  This material is ideal for your baby’s skin and thus protects it from rashes.

Apart from toddler boy clothes and girl clothes, these online baby stores also keep the provision of various baby accessories like blankets, bibs, binkies, booties, swaddles etc.