In a world obsessed with gender-specific activities, employment, socio-political issues; a question arises: how do we neutralise the population? How do we make sure people are not been subjected to bias and gender discrimination?

Some might consider the possibility of inducing these values in children from an early age since children learn easily and represent the future generation. But let us look at this from a specific point of view.

Other than imparting a sense of gender equality in your kids from the very beginning, unisex clothes have their own advantages.

So, why are unisex clothes a good option?

Here is why you should consider unisex clothes:

  • Unisex baby clothes are very feasible for parents. Imagine you had a baby girl at first and then had a baby boy; you can definitely save up your first baby’s clothes and put them on your next baby thus promoting savings. This is ideal because babies grow up really fast which leads to the drawback of having to buy clothes all the time to fit your baby. The availability of unisex clothes really proves to be beneficial in this case.
  • Unisex newborn baby clothes promote creativity and independence within kids. Your daughter will be more open minded if she has experienced putting on different colour and types of garments each day instead of the usual girly garments.
  • Unisex clothes are pretty stylish and just go along with the characteristics and features of your baby. It is not going to make your baby look out of place; it is not going to make your daughter look like a boy, and your boy looks like a daughter.
  • Gender neutral clothes are going to impart a sense of gender equality in your kids from a very early age which is actually essential in shaping up today’s perspective.

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