The importance of friends for a toddler can’t be understated. It is at this time of his life that the foundation of skills like trust, leadership and team spirit is laid. It is with his friends that he learns to be expressive, voice out his opinion and even admit his mistake. Friends help a toddler learn to share and sacrifice, and lay the groundwork of qualities required in abundance in the future. Thus, friends play a vital role in the life of every toddler.

And while toddlers aren’t particularly shy in striking up conversations with kids their own age, there’s one way in which parents too can contribute to the growth of their toddler’s friend circle – make him a people person. How exactly? They judge the book by its cover. Kids couldn’t care less about each other’s nature or character, they decide on someone being a worthy friend based solely on their appearances. And that’s where the parents’ role lies – finding their toddler the right clothes to portray his nature.

At their tender age, colours speak to kids more than anything else. They are instantly attracted by anything bright; red attracts their attention, pink fills them with joy, and dirty white repels them. They instantly develop a feeling of trust to the colour which resembles their own nature. Depending on the clothes your toddler wears, he may well go on to make plenty of friends and develop the aforementioned skills. And fret not, finding the perfect unisex kids clothes isn’t a hard task either in this digital age.

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