The newborn babies are so little, but the care they need is intensive. They are like little dandelions that need to be handled with love and care. One wrong move and they can face major problems. As a new parent, the primary concern is about the things that need to be taken care of. So here is a comprehensive list for its care:

  1. Handle with care: When you hold your baby, be very careful. Place a hand under its neck and back. Always support your baby’s head as it has a very fragile and weak backbone that hasn’t developed yet. Also don’t shake your baby and be very cautious when it is sleeping.


  1. Trim the nails: your baby’s nails grow fast and it can scratch its own face. So trim the nails regularly with extreme care, or get it trimmed by the doctor.



  1. Feed on time: If your baby is not fed on time, it would get all cranky and crying. All of us want a happy and smiling baby, so feed it right and on time. It needs to be fed every 2-3 hours in order to grow and gain weight. Initially, breast feeding is only recommended and nothing else.


  1. Burp: Keep that little tummy happy and light. After you have fed your baby, hold it in your arms while placing the neck on your shoulder and gently tap on the back, your baby will burp. This is necessary to keep its stomach happy.



  1. Sponge bath: A newborn needs sponge bath only. Wet a sponge and gently rub it on your baby’s body to clean it. It is only after the umbilical cord falls off that you can bathe it twice or thrice a week.


Keep your baby happy and healthy with the above tips. Just remember, whatever you do for your baby, do it with love, care and sensitivity.