From the utter devotion that infants demand to the complete mayhem little children create; raising a child is definitely no child’s play. They require constant care and attention, affection and concern, distractions and freedom – it’s hard to live a life beyond your dedication to your child. The only respite parents get from their responsibilities is when their infant is asleep or their child is at school. However, come summers and your infant can’t stop crying anymore, and your child can’t let a day of the summer vacations pass by without giving you a headache. But parents will agree, seeing your kid sleeping peacefully at the end of the day is worth all the trouble. However, that peaceful sleep is in perpetual danger during summers.

There are plenty of issues that bother kids during summers. And while parents may be taking care of their diet, hydration and habits all too well; wardrobe is an aspect they may unknowingly neglect. Clothes too can be a cause of concern for kids during summers. Infants, not used to the high temperatures, require loose baby clothes to have the necessary exposure to air. Similarly, the ever-energetic kids too require loose clothes stitched with cotton, as not only does cotton soak sweat pretty well, but also stays cool as well. In addition to being comfortable, baby clothes must also be organic, since organic baby clothes don’t expose the sensitive skin of children to harmful chemicals.

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