Summers have finally set in to stay for long! All that can be expected of the next 5 months is soaring temperature and a dread of stepping outdoors. Much as summers bother children and adults alike, it’s infants who bear the burden of intolerable heat the most. To add to that is their inability to communicate their discomfort clearly. So it goes without saying that babies and infants require special care during summers to ensure they stay comfortable and happy. And while parents may enjoy a trip to the hill stations to take the heat off, there is no better way they would rather spend the season than by taking care of their precious child.

Parents are well aware of the factors like diet, vaccination and heat exposure. However, an equally important aspect of maintaining an infant’s health is his or her wardrobe. Not only can too tight clothes made of denser fabrics prove to be a trouble but the chemicals they are made up of are equally harmful and can cause skin irritation and rashes on an infant’s sensitive skin. For comfortable summers, only clothes like baby rompers and onesies are suitable for an infant. And the onesie and rompers for babies too must be manufactured with cotton, the most breathable of fabrics, to ensure that an infant stays cool and happy.

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