It is never too easy to decide what to buy for your baby. Others mostly choose gifts that help the parents, but as the mom and dad, you need to get your child something special.

  • Get them their first teddy: The first teddy is always special. Your baby might have had other cuddly toys before, but a proper soft toy makes the tiny tots very happy. Remember, it should be a size your baby can manage and sleep with at night.
  • Colouring books and crayons: It is better than starting with the A-B-C straightaway. Visual memory always works better with kids. So with colouring books of basic animals, fruits, flowers and so on, you can keep your baby engaged. Keep in mind to choose the books wisely, as you would be giving it to a one-year-old.
  • Colourful blankets/pillow: If the birthday is during the winter months, you can get a new soft and warm, colourful blanket for the kid, maybe with cartoon pictures and animals patterns on it. You can replace it with a new pillow for summer.
  • Apparels: Babies tend to outgrow Unisex Newborn Baby Dresses quickly in the first year or two. Your kid can always do with another pair of pyjamas or jumper.
  • Playdough: Always an ideal gift to bring out the creativity in your child. The more they play around with the muddy dough, making shapes and figures, the faster the brain will develop.

Since the first birthday of your newborn will not come in a year, you will have some time figure out what they like and get your little bundle of joy a gift accordingly. If you do your baby shopping online in India, you will surely get all kinds of ideas and articles that you can give to your baby.