Though the organic cotton baby clothes tendency is very popular with apparel makers and retailers, many parents are confused because they only don't appreciate how the term organic relates to cotton and baby clothes. Too, parents often believe that the term is just made up to con them into believing there's something special about the baby clothes when there possibly isn't. Many of them will pass on buying organic baby clothes, accessories and such-and thus miss the many benefits that their babies could get from wearing them.

So when looking at organic cotton baby clothes it's good to have some background. For example, organic cotton is grown mainly in India under strict regulations and in fields that are chemical-free. Organic means that amazing is grown in chemical-free surroundings. Organic cotton growers take that further by ensuring that the fields have not chemicals or pesticides of any type used for a minimum of three years. This is heavily regulated and is highly watched to make sure that organic cotton is exactly what it claims to be.

By comparison, ordinary cotton is grown in places that aren't as exacting about where the cotton is grown. It is also grown using high levels of pesticides and chemicals that is imbibed by the cotton as it grows. As there are far fewer limits in place for normally grown cotton, there's no way of knowing just how much chemical pesticides are really being used.

These pesticides are normally petroleum-based and have many serious side effects and these chemicals do stay in the cotton. The chemicals left in the cotton are consideration by experts to have the possible cause everything from allergic reactions to asthma to even cancer. Add to that the fact that manufacturers also often add dyes to the cotton which offer extra chemical reactions and you have a serious problem.

Baby clothes made from organic cotton eliminate all health issues that can come from habitually grown cotton. To make organic cotton baby clothes an even healthier option many have nickel-free snaps or buttons made from nuts, which are hypoallergenic, further make sure that the baby clothes are the safest possible clothing for baby to wear.

Organic cotton also protects our atmosphere. It also protects water quality and the health of people who work growing it and manufacturing it. So buying organic cotton baby clothes, accessories, blankets, bedding, etc  means that you not only protect your child, you also have a hand in making the whole world a little safer place to live.