It needs no telling that handling a baby is a delicate affair. The soft skin shouldn’t be subjected to any rough behaviour or else the consequences might prove to be too dire for the parents. The brittle bones and developing immune system of an infant don’t provide a quality protection against rough manners. But a strange dilemma presents itself when it comes to changing a infant clothes since managing the task with extreme delicacy is a problem. But this problem too can be easily solved by following these instructions while changing a baby’s clothes:

When dressing up a baby: Support your baby on your lap, stretch the garment neckline to the length of his shoulders and pull it over the baby’s head. Use your fingers to keep the garment from catching on his or her face or ears. Don’t push the baby’s arms through the sleeves – which can be rough – but put your hand into the sleeve from the outside, grasp your baby’s hand and pull it through instead.

When undressing your baby: Take the sleeves off one at a time while supporting your baby’s back and head. Then stretch the neckline again to the length of his shoulders, lift it free of your baby’s chin and face and gently slip it off.

While you show complete delicacy on your part, it is essential to ensure that your baby’s clothes share the responsibility as well. Ordinary clothes are manufactured with certain chemicals which are rough against a baby’s skin and can cause skin infections. It is ideal to use only organic cotton clothing to prevent any such infections. Nino Bambino is an infant clothes online India which answers this need of the parents and provides a wide range of comfortable, stylish and inexpensive infant baby clothes. So shield your little one against any slightest rough treatment only with Nino Bambino.