As important as it is to take proper care of pregnant women, it is of equal importance not to neglect the other aspects associated with pregnancy. These include baby-proofing the house, interacting with other parents to better know what to expect and preparing a nursery for the baby. A well-furnished nursery helps not only make the parents’ lives easier but also makes the baby feel comfortable. But what makes a well-furnished nursery? These are some of the items that form the core of it:

  • Night-Light: A dim night-light in the baby’s nursery isn’t to quell his or her fear of the dark, but to keep the parents from bumping into objects while on a night-time visit. Apart from that, the light also helps a baby distinguish between day and night.
  • Chair: Infants need to be fed once every three hours, which means a new mother, will be entering her baby’s nursery quite often. Since breastfeeding doesn’t allow for much movement, having a comfortable chair for the mother to sit in for feeding is a must-have.
  • Fan: Even if it’s not hot in the nursery, a fan is an essential part of the room. It acts as a terrific source of white noise – the monotonous whir that not only lulls a baby to sleep but also masks frequent household noises like doorbell and television.
  • Organic baby clothes: A baby’s immune system isn’t fully developed – his or her body is more susceptible to diseases than an adult and therefore, needs to be treated with extra care. Kids Wear Online Shopping of 100% organic cotton at Nino Bambino brings in that extra care. Keep quite a few pairs handy given how frequently infants spoil their clothes.

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