The list of precautions to be taken to ensure the proper care of a baby is a never ending one. From bathing to feeding, from handling to playing – immense care is needed on part of parents at every step. Since the immune system isn’t fully developed at such a small age, even the most careless of negligence can expose an infant to harmful bacteria. While a paediatrician can provide parents a detailed guideline on how to handle their newborn baby, here are a few dos and don’ts of how to handle newborn baby dresses – which are in constant contact with the baby’s skin:


  • Apart from clothes, other items which come in frequent contact with the baby need to be washed thoroughly too. These include mattress pad, toys and blankets among others.
  • It’s ideal to stick with a single detergent brand if washing with it leads to no skin irritations.
  • Rinse clothes twice to ensure that the detergent residue gets washed off.
  • Wash once before putting the newborn baby clothes to use to remove any chemical residue left behind during manufacturing. It is ideal to trust only organic baby clothes to avoid this risk.


  • Do not use the detergent in too much quantity or some residue will be left behind for sure.
  • Do not mix newborn baby clothes with other laundry items. Chemicals from other clothes might get secreted out and mix up with the baby’s clothing.
  • Do not mix newborn baby clothes with heavily soiled items.

With these guidelines, you can rest assured of your baby’s health. Use the detergent from a single brand and trust only the most reputed name for organic cotton baby wear. Nino Bambino, for instance, is a baby store online which prioritizes your baby’s health above all else. So be assured of your baby’s health only with Nino Bambino!