Handling a baby is always a nerve-wracking task, especially for first-time parents, given that any slightest discomfort can send him or her into a crying fit. It is essential therefore to know not only the proper way to hold a baby but also to cradle it. Good news for parents is that the task isn’t as daunting as it seems once they realize that being comfortable is all that matters to an infant. For those still interested in perfecting their hold on their baby, these detailed instructions might prove helpful:

  • For holding a baby, rest his on your chest and shoulder, supporting his head and neck with your hand. Place your other hand under his bottom. This way the baby can hear your heartbeat and see over your shoulder.
  • To cradle a baby, make sure her head is resting on your chest. Slide your hand up from her bottom to support her neck. Gently move your baby’s head to the crook of your arm, still supporting her neck. Place your other hand under her bottom. Using the cradle hold lets you look at and talk to your newborn.

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