The heat wave is slowly making its way towards us and people across the nation are getting ready to tackle it with their ACs and ice trays. Everyone is busy! But while the women are busy stocking up drinking water in the refrigerators and the men making sure AC works perfectly, children are making most of the longer evenings by playing even harder – sweating even more and tiring out even faster. And therefore, they take priority over ACs and cold water for all parents, since nobody wants the heat to take a toll on their child. The best way to ensure this is not by taking care of their diet or schedule but of their wardrobe!

The fitting and fabric of clothes play an important role in maintaining the health of children during summers. Since little boys are often involved in rigorous physical activities, it is necessary to have loose-fitting cotton T-shirts for boys. Cotton, being the most breathable of fabrics, soaks sweat pretty efficiently, allowing the body to stay cool. In addition, the importance of organic cotton can’t be neglected either. At an early age, human skin is extremely sensitive and the chemicals clothes are manufactured with can have an adverse effect on health. Organic cotton T-shirts don’t carry any such risks.

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