With the arrival of new born, your family grows bigger, both in terms of size and happiness. While everyone is busy playing with the little one, you need to decide the things that you’re new born needs.  Following is the list of things you need to buy for new born baby:

  1. A cot: Your little one needs a sleeping space of his own where it feels secure, comfy and cozy. Get a cot with a cozy mattress and a soft blanket, for a sound sleep of your baby.
  2. Clothing: Buy soft and Organic clothes for the little one. Don’t pick up cheap clothes because newborns are really sensitive and can get skin allergies or rashes from clothes very easily.
  3. A bib: while you are breastfeeding your baby, you definitely don’t want the little one to spoil its own clothes again. So a bib is must for a new born baby both for the purpose of feeding and burping.
  4. Bath essentials: Get a little baby bath tub for a good and safe bath. You can get tiny tubs with sponge or foam inside them. You would also need bathing soap, shampoo and a soft brush comb for your baby to keep it clean and healthy.
  5. A pram: Your baby needs outing too. Get a pram and take it for outing. Also you cannot carry baby in your arms all day, it gets tiring. Now a days there are convertible prams that can be used till the age of 2-3 years.


We haven’t included diapers in the list above, because newborns are really sensitive. Get a cotton cloth instead. However, diapers can be used occasionally and not regularly. Make sure your checklist has all these things included. Come to NinoBambino smart and organic destination for Baby Shopping Online!