Fashion may be an industry led by designers and models, dominated by celebrities and enthusiasts, and followed by teenagers and adults – but it certainly doesn’t mean others have no right to it, does it? Be it an old lady out on a dinner wearing heels or a toddler enjoying a formal event looking dapper in shirt and pants. What good is fashion for a toddler, you ask? Well, plenty! Because while toddlers may not be looking to make a fashion statement, they are indeed looking to make friends. Their wardrobe is what gets it done for them!

As kids, printed pattern or minimal design don’t make as much sense as the bright green colour they like or a resemblance to a cartoon character they love do. Kids are attracted to all things bright and shiny and establish contact with other kids who may have a liking to similar colours or cartoons, giving birth to the invaluable relation of a friend. But while colours may do it for the kids, as parents, it is your responsibility to ensure the clothes you purchase for your toddler are safe and comfortable – the two most important factors.

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