Durability isn’t a factor many parents look for while buying unisex baby clothes comfort, style, kind of fabric and price, all lie higher on the list. However, given how much babies spill their food and wet the bed, there isn’t only a frequent need to wash baby clothes but also a proper approach to it. So the next time you go in search of the best baby clothes or buy infant baby clothes, take their durability too in consideration and follow this approach to make the most of them:

Washing: Since you can never be too sure of the procedure baby clothes were manufactured with, it is advisable to wash all the clothes before bringing them to use – to avoid any reaction on the sensitive skin of babies. Outerwear clothes like jackets and coats, which don’t come in direct contact with the baby’s skin, can be exempted from this exercise.

Detergents: Mixing baby clothes with rest of the laundry is a common practice among most parents. However, soap flakes can stick to the clothes and cause skin irritation in babies. The solution is to go with special baby detergents, which are made especially for baby clothes since they leave fewer residues behind.

Stain removal: There can be countless reasons behind the stains on your baby’s clothes – formula, breast milk, poop, spit-up etc. The best way to get rid of them is by rinsing or wiping them off when they’re relatively fresh. Although a bit too much to ask, especially when staining is all your baby does all day long, but wiping it or soaking the clothes in detergent is something you’ll discover of being a great help.

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