Try as hard as you may, if it’s not perfect, it’s not enough – that’s the guiding line with which infants need their care. Proper baby care is a task as demanding as any with the feeding pattern, the sleeping routine, the comfort level, companionship and what not. It is impossible for parents to escape all the ups and downs and while the ups leave them with delight, the downs can be equally troublesome. But thankfully, there are some ideas that the parents can implement to drown those troubles a bit. For instance, these tips may come in handy when to soothe a crying baby:

Swaddling: Although it may feel a bit restraining with the baby not free to even move his limbs, the cozy vibe does help him nod off quickly.

Swinging: Fast and rhythmic movements like swinging or rocking provide the baby a thrill he can’t experience on his own, thereby delighting him. The more agitated a baby, the more vigorous the movements should be.

Shushing: A ‘shhh’ sound soothes an infant because it mimics the whooshing noise that surrounded him in the womb. You can make the sound yourself or even play the radio on static, but ensure that the sound is louder than the baby's cries.

Side Lying: Carrying a baby in the fetal position – the way he spent all his time in the womb – reminds him of the comfortable experience it was and thus, soothes his crying.

Sucking: For a baby, sucking on a pacifier or a finger means total relaxation and works best after he has been soothed by any of the other means.

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