Newborns have a tough time sleeping. And don’t be surprised if the new mothers and fathers lose most of their sleep due to the baby’s constant wailing. Initially, the newborn will take some time to get used to the new surroundings before the baby can learn to sleep.

Other than this there are some proven ways to make your baby’s sleep more comfortable.

How to make sure your baby has a comfortable sleep?

Here are some tips to make your baby sleep better through the night:

  • Comfortable Crib: You need to understand that if the surroundings of the baby are comfortable, the baby won’t fuss. So, look for cribs which offer your baby an exceptional comfort. Make use of good mattresses and use many pillows. This will allow your baby to sleep on a soft surface.


  • Good Quality Bed sheets: The quality of your baby’s crib’s bed sheets is something you cannot afford to compromise. Look for smooth and 100% cotton bed sheets for your child’s best comfort. You could choose an organic cotton blend or a branded cotton bed sheet. Use pillowcases of the same material as well.



  • Comfortable clothes: Get your baby comfortable nightwear. You can find many cheap unisex newborn clothes online, which will do your child good. The comfort of your baby’s clothing will affect your baby’s quality of sleep. Other than night dresses or onesie, you could also look for wrap-around bodysuits for your baby.


  • Soft toys: A baby needs company when they are sleeping. Be it an afternoon sleep or your baby’s night sleep, giving your baby a toy to snuggle with would provide the baby a sense of comfort. This will lead to less fussy sleep.
With many options to choose from for all kinds of utilities for your newborn, a parent will never run out options. One could choose to go for designer unisex newborn baby clothesor visit the nearest local store.