It’s tough to understand the mind of a toddler. Infants don’t argue with what you get for their wardrobe, teenagers build their wardrobe on their own – it’s just the toddlers who neither know what to wear nor like your opinion on it. So whenever a party invite comes for your little toddler, mayhem follows. The trouble is even worse with little girls because while boys need to decide only on shirts and pants, girls have to choose from dresses, tops, skirts, pants, leggings and what not! But fret not, like everything else in the world; the internet has the answer to this problem too – in form of girl clothing online shopping portal Nino Bambino.

Dressing up girls for a party is simple – there is just a dress code you as a parent need to follow. If the party is a formal one, posh and sophisticated, like a wedding, an anniversary or an outdoor birthday celebration, go with party dresses for girl. On the other hand, if the party is a plain affair, like a house party or a get-together dinner, your little girl will do just fine in a top and a pair of pants.

What matters next is the style – while you may prefer to go with a strong fabric, all your kid wants is to fit in with rest of her friends. And that’s no big issue either. Kids befriend each other based on the clothes they wear – how colourful they are, how alike to them. They are attracted to everything bright and shiny. Give them what they want and you won’t have any further problems to solve.

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