With the incessant showers here upon us, going is about to get tough for parents with toddler kids. Not only is the demand for hot junk food going to be raised up almost daily but the various health threats that the season poses need to be dealt with too. And since toddlers are filled with joy a little too much to look after themselves, these parenting tips might come in handy for parents wondering how to get their kid monsoon-ready – so that they can enjoy the season without risking their health at all:

  • Build immunity: The moderate temperature during monsoon boosts bacteria growth. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure proper diet so that the body has immunity to ward off any harmful bacteria the body may be exposed to. Make Vitamin C an integral constituent of your diet.

  • Buy monsoon-friendly clothes: Toddlers have a sensitive skin and synthetic fabrics can cause rashes. The right fabric is of utmost importance during monsoon and cotton fits the bill perfectly, being comfortable, durable and fast drying. Buy an organic cotton kids clothes on Baby Apparel Store India is your safest bet during the season.

  • Bright and cheerful clothing: With half their day spent in school uniform and the other half in pyjamas indoors as the rain splashes on the outside, bright and cheerful clothing with stylish and attractive designs is the best way to get toddlers out of their dull mood.

  • Have a packed wardrobe: Being kids, they are expected to engage in activities like jumping in a muddy puddle or getting drenched in rain and messing up their clothes. To prevent any risk of cold or flu, parents need to have a packed wardrobe and get their kids changed into a clean pair of clothes whenever the need be.

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