At the present that baby has made their grand entry and the midwives have joyfully signed you both off, it's time to take your infant home. Your hospital bag is packed your bundle is tucked securely into your arms and your carriage waits. On the other hand, we know that when you take baby out into the world for the first time you may feel like you have a to-do list as long as your arm. That's why it's worth planning ahead to confirm the whole thing is ready for your new family member's first few hours on the outside.

Meet the family

If baby has an elder sibling waiting for them this could be their first good meeting. When you come home to see your new baby, it's best to confirm someone else is carrying your newborn baby so you may have both arms free to enfold your child in a gigantic hug. Some infants 'bring' presents for their sibling which works wonders with potentially envious toddler babies. Then there’ll be keyed up new aunties, grandparents and other relative members to meet!

While it may be meet helpful to have a loving sustain network around you this individual time is destined to be all about you and your instant family. Try to spread out first visits to keep things convenient, particularly as you and newborn settle into your new routine.

Meet the four-footed Relatives

If 'relatives' also includes an animal or two, it's good to confirm they don't feel left out due to the new arrival. Your dog is used to being the petted 'baby' of the home, so keep on to give them abundance of find irresistible and notice.

Your dog will be concerned in this newborn, so cautiously show them your baby: they’ll feel less threatened if they’ve had a look and a sniff. On the other hand, for all time confirm someone stays with newborn when there's an animal in the room, even if they seem to like each other.

The first week

Your community midwife will come round habitually to check you and your new newborn. They'll consider your newborn and may help provide some additional advice on feeding. After 10 days, all being well the midwife hands you and your baby over to the health visitor, who continues with your postnatal care.

Newborn style: that first outdoor outfit

When you and your relatives head out of those hospital doors, your little traveler needs to be wearing Clothes for the Occasion. It's good to start with a soft all-in-one vest over the nappy then a sleep suit with soft feet to maintain those toes cozy. An outside outfits on top of this – like an all-in-one swindle – will keep your baby snuggly and a little cap is a necessity. Mittens may be a bit fussy so try scratch mitts if it’s a chilly day.