Parents never compromise in the slightest amount with their baby’s healthcare – that’s something they prioritize over everything else. Vaccination charts are followed as if a divine text and understandably so. The last thing any parent wants is to have their newborn child fall prey to some disease. But apart from vaccinations, a baby’s proper healthcare also means taking good care of his diet and his wardrobe.

Organic cotton clothes are generally considered to be the best fabric for a baby, and justifiably so. Ordinary cotton is grown with the help of pesticides dangerous for human body. The chemicals in these pesticides attach to the cotton and put the wearer at the risk of anything ranging from allergic reaction to asthma. The necessary protection from this makes organic cotton unisex baby clothes a must. Here are a few benefits that organic cotton offers to tilt the balance unquestionably in its favour:

  • Being soft, cotton clothes don’t rub harshly against the baby’s soft skin. As it is a natural fabric, there is no risk of eczema or rashes.
  • Cotton is durable, easy to wash and dry, and most importantly, its aeration properties help keep the body cool by absorbing moisture repeatedly.
  • Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton clothes can endure high temperature without compromising their durability or quality. Thus, they can be washed with hot water without any concern.
  • Cotton releases grime and dirt easily while cleaning, removing the need to use chemical soaps and reducing the risk of exposure to chemicals.
  • Apart from the baby, organic cotton also protects the soil where it is grown and the farmers who grow it.

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