There is nothing worse for new parents than to see their newborn baby unwell. There may be a wide variety of reason for that, and as much as it may affect the parents it is essential at such times to think logically. At infancy, like any other communication, a baby informs about his or her deteriorating health by crying. And it’s important for parents to realize when their baby is crying not because he wants something but because he is feeling unwell.

An unwell baby cries in a different tone from the one parents are used to. The difference will be noticed in weaker, continuous, more urgent or high-pitched crying. If he cries a lot usually but has suddenly become unusually quiet, it may again mean that he isn’t well. If any sign comes up which makes you believe your baby is not feeling well, don’t think twice before calling a doctor. While swaying, feeding or playing a constant sound are enough to soothe a crying baby in most of the cases, they aren’t any help when he or she is feeling unwell. A doctor is a must when the baby feels unwell as the reason behind his crying needs to be eliminated.

While a doctor can guide parents to the way ahead, it is ideal for them to follow the age-old adage ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Not only is a baby’s developing immune system prone to a number of viruses and bacteria, their sensitive skin is also vulnerable to a number of skin allergies, the most common cause of which is their wardrobe itself. Since most of the clothes today are manufactured using chemicals, they can take a toll on an infant’s skin. A way to prevent such an issue is to use organic baby clothes.

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