As exciting as parenthood sounds, it is advisable for all new and expecting parents to know that the phase is just as demanding. A newborn baby is an entirely dependent being and needs constant attention and care – 24x7. Any negligence and you would lose your day’s rest and night’s sleep with his or her relentless crying. But sometimes you might find your baby crying despite your best efforts and while you may be wondering where you lapsed, there is a good chance that you didn’t. Then what’s the real reason?

The term is referred to as colic crying. It is used to define persistent crying in a healthy baby. While some associate it with tummy problems caused by an allergy, a pattern has recently been observed behind this colic, which can be explained by the acronym ‘Purple’.

Peak of crying – A baby cries more each week, with most at two months and then less between three and five months.

Unexpected crying – Crying which comes and goes without any reason why.

Resists soothing – No soothing technique works on the baby during such moments.

Pain-like face – It may seem like the baby is in pain, but it’s not the case.

Long-lasting – The periods of crying can last up to several hours a day.

Evening – A baby is more likely to cry in the late afternoon and evening.

Although there isn’t much parents can do about colic, they can ensure it’s nothing but colic by making sure the baby has no other reasons for crying – which primarily include hunger and discomfort. Hunger can be taken care of by breast feeding or small doses of solid food while discomfort is best fought off with baby clothes online for newborn babies.

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