To say that the interaction of parents with their baby is limited to just deciphering the meaning behind his cries and fulfilling his needs will be an outright lie. This stands as a responsibility; interaction, on the other hand, is communication made with him to get a response. And that response ranges from his attention to his smile. Interacting with their baby is essential for the parents not only to develop a deep bond with him but also to ensure he has his share of fun. Given how hard it is to determine what qualifies as fun at that age, here is a list of activities parents can engage in with their infant to develop the everlasting bond:

Offer interesting objects to look at: Whenever you hold or move an interesting object from side to side near your baby, he follows it with his eyes. This tracking is a way for him to both explore the world and build his visual skills.

Offer interesting objects to touch: Bring as different and safe objects as possible close enough to your baby to allow him to touch and learn how different objects feel. The more objects he sees, the more drawn in he feels and the more fun he has.

Offering things to kick: Over a couple of weeks, a baby connects the act of kicking things with the sound they make when struck. The activity and the sound created make for a fun time and the child also develops an understanding of cause-and-effect.

Since all these interactions require the use of an object, it is essential to ensure the object is safe to be put into contact with the baby. Not only shall it be free of any sharp edges but also of any chemicals that might have been used in manufacturing it. A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive; therefore it’s ideal to go with only organic baby store online and toys in his proximity. Nino Bambino is an baby clothes online shopping store in India which answers both these needs. With a reputed expertise and experience in the industry, the brand produces a range of stylish and comfortable infant baby clothes. So build a deep bond with your little one with the safety of Nino Bambino organic products.