There has been a rising trend for parents to pick out organic clothes for their babies and with so many reasons behind it, it's no shock why.

A baby’s skin is five times thinner than the skin of an adult which makes it much easier for it to absorb dangerous toxins. Cotton is one of the most sprayed crops around the world. It is sprayed with pesticide and fertilizer toxins that remain on the fiber even after it is woven and stitched into clothes. The amount of pesticides used keeps growing, for the reason that the fungus, pests and bacteria become resistant to it. This destroys the earth and water in the area and causes chronic illnesses to the farmers and their families.

Not including these toxins, organic baby clothes are much less likely to cause allergies and are the best choice for eczema sufferers, because they are much softer than usual cotton. Organic cotton nappies are more eco-friendly than throwaway nappies because they reduce waste in landfills. If they are washed and dried carefully, they last a long time and are extremely soft. Even organic disposable nappies may not be made from 100% organic cotton and parts of them may not be eco-friendly.

Another advantage to buying organic baby clothes is the affect on the environment. The farms where the cotton is grown are free from all the chemicals that finally end up in the groundwater. Organic cotton does not use the harsh chemicals in production that predictable cotton uses. In many parts of the world cotton is grown alongside food crops, so organic practices also benefit the local people. They fertilize the soil naturally, use crop rotation and organic bug control.

Even though organic baby clothing may cost a little more initially, they are a good value in the long run. They are much stronger, more durable and softer than unadventurous cotton clothing and do not wear out as quickly. They hold up well through washing after washing.

Organic cotton clothing is sometimes combined with organic bamboo which is also chemical free and very soft for fragile baby skin. It feels like a combination of silk and cashmere and doesn't irritate the skin.

From tip to toe a baby can spend the first couple of years of life in toxic free clothes. When he or she is old enough to understand the care and attention given to his health at a babyish age as well as knowing that his baby foot left no carbon print he will be thankful and joyful.

Find lots of lovable and organic baby clothing online that are great for your little one.

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