The perfect eco-friendly option for clothing all babies' weak skin would be organic baby clothes. Why? The production of organic cotton has so many more benefits than conventionally grown cotton. It is grown without the need for fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and other spiteful toxins. Organic clothing can help protect babies from allergies due to the natural chemical free methods of manufacture. This helps reduce the exposure of babies and toddlers to these harmful substances. All manufacturers of organic clothing must be certified in order to sell their products. This gives added assurance that every method used is safe for the atmosphere as well as babies. Contamination of our planet is very minimal in the production of organic baby clothes this is due to the fact no chemicals are used and no bleaches are needed in the coloring process. The fertility of the soil is also protected in the whole process making it much more eco-friendly allowing continuous use of the soil and agricultural biodiversity. Unlike petroleum based fibers cotton is extremely natural, making it an especially recyclable resource. Organic cotton also has very little need for water in the rising process. All in all organic cotton used for baby clothes not only has many benefits for the atmosphere but when produced under the accurate certification there is next to no pollution of the earth with an extremely low carbon footprint. On top of that organic cotton is tender and super soft on baby's skin.

More and more garments manufacturers are starting to see the benefits of changing to organic cotton for their baby clothes, which can only be a good thing, and there is just as much option of organic baby clothes as there are non organic baby clothes. Baby's benefit from organic baby clothes because of the fact they are 100% natural and safe. The fibers are more fragile which makes them feel super soft on baby's skin. Organic cotton also has a high confrontation to dust mites; this is just another way of keeping a baby's skin healthy and safe. Many parents are now selecting to dress there little ones in organic clothing

But like organic food we all have to pay that little bit extra. In time when more parents discover the reimbursement of clothing their babies the normal way and the insist increases then naturally the price will come down. Although I would discuss all day long that paying that tiny little bit extra is well worth it in a million and one ways. The variety of organic baby clothes is just the same as non organic; there is a wide range of pants, hats, vests, bibs, sleep suits, t shirts and shirts. You can also get organic towels that are great for bath time and there is a wide choice of baby gift sets. Organic bedding can offer years of allergen free sleeping for your baby. Organic diapers or nappies are also a huge choice as they can help keep those good-looking bottoms dry and rash free. Customizing your clothes or gifts with an individual message can make a great gift idea; all organic baby clothes can have custom print designs put on them which would turn the great clothing choice into the wonderful present for all those new arrivals.

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