We are more than ever before being bombarded on an every day basis by a cocktail of chemicals, many of them toxic, these chemicals build up in the organs of our bodies and one can only speculate at the damage they are causing us and more prominently our children that are far more susceptible to these toxins.

In Indian society we live in a throwaway society and expediency is very much the name of the game. There is however a growing number of families that are choosing a dissimilar way. Greener living and by doing our "bit" WE can add to making this world a better place to live.

It may take some time as behaviors and attitudes do not change overnight.

We have seen changes taking place, more parents in the India for example are using washable nappies for their children brought about by a concern for the atmosphere and out of concern that these disposables are not actually better for our children despite the millions these big companies can afford to throw at marketing their product.

Many families and individuals are searching out organic clothing for themselves and for their babies.

Organic clothing can be found in a range of fabrics for example bamboo, hemp, wool and possibly most common is the growing organic cotton fabric market.

Organic cotton different conservative cotton is not reliant on huge amounts of highly toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton is kinder and softer on fragile skin and there are no nastiest.