It is a known fact that baby clothes tend to get dirty more regularly than any other household clothing item. The basis for this is that babies do not differentiate between dirty and clean places. They tend to crawl to dirty places and mud more joyfully than to any neat place. Furthermore, they often spill milk which leaves a stain. The early baby foods like mashed banana etc, can also leave a enduring stain on the clothes if it is not washed immediately. Leaking diapers is also one of the reasons the clothes become dirty and need instant washing.

Washing those sweet little clothes is simple, but it is not done in the same way as adult clothes are washed. The reason for this is that babies have softer and more responsive skin than most of the grown-ups. They tend to develop skin rash more easily if strong detergent is used, or if the detergent is not correctly removed from the fabric. Also, some detergents may be good in removing stains, but they may damage or stiffen the fragile fibers.

To machine wash the little clothes, pour some mild detergent in cold or tepid water.  Forever avoid hot water as it may damage the fabric. Mix water and detergent well and then add the baby clothes. Use gentle washing cycles. Rinse the clothes well with water in order to remove the detergent correctly.

If you feel that the detergent has failed to remove the stains, you can use oxygenated bleach other than chlorine bleach must never be used.

Just the once you are done with washing, pour half a cup of white vinegar in water and soak the clothes in it for a few minutes. Vinegar removes detergent residues and leaves the fibers soft with a nice fresh fragrance. Wriggle the clothes gently and dry them in sun.

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