With exercise routines focusing on the development of different muscles, strength and endurance, the importance of exercise for adults is undebatable. But when it comes to Babies, a lot of people argue that their delicate skin and fragile body shouldn’t be subjected to any needless movements – especially the ones which don’t seem natural, like toe to ear exercise. However, what these people don’t know is that an infant’s skin is far more flexible than an adult’s – cross-body movements far easier for them. And most infant exercises are smooth and simple body movements intended not to boost strength or endurance but to encourage fitness in the future.

A fixed exercise routine helps develop flexibility, fitness and health of an infant. 60 minutes of daily exercises are recommended for children of all ages and have countless beneficial effects. These – apart from the aforementioned – include:

  • *During the age of infancy, it is important that you as parents help develop his or her muscles so that these muscles are capable of performing tasks more efficiently as he or she grows older.
  • *Having a daily baby exercise routine is also important as it helps in the development of different organs in an infant’s body. When you have fun with your little one and he laughs with excitement or joy, he breathes faster, which is great for his heart and lungs.
  • *Studies have shown that children who grow up with a fixed exercise regimen are less likely to become obese in the future or suffer from diseases brought about by obesity.
  • *Infancy is the time when connections and pathways to the muscles are developed in the brain. If a baby does not get enough physical exercise, he may miss out on the opportunity to make strong brain-muscle connections which make physical activities both easier and more fun as he grows older. Therefore, physical exercises are important for the type of development which may play a very important role in a baby’s health later in life.
  • *Making your infant grab your fingers and other things helps in developing his or her fine motor skills as well. This is an important constituent of a baby’s overall growth and development, making daily exercise highly important. The earlier you begin, the better. Exercise and physical activity have an important role to play not only in making your little one’s body strong and healthy but in building his or her personality as well.
  • If your baby enjoys physical exercises at the age of infancy, he is likely to grow and become more active as an adult, and as a result, healthier as well.

The development of an infant’s immune system thus made possible with exercises can further be enhanced by incorporating some healthy lifestyle changes into his or her life. The most important of them all is the choice of fabric parents settle on for their child. Since the immune system at the age isn’t completely developed, the chemicals used during manufacturing of ordinary clothes can cause skin infections, which may lead to skin irritation and rashes. Therefore it is ideal to use only organic baby clothes during infancy. Organic cotton baby wear products are manufactured with chemical-free processes ensuring your little one’s health is safe and secure. And this change doesn’t mean compromising on the quality either – organic cotton baby clothes are just as comfortable and stylish as any other pair of clothes.

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