During the summer months, special precautions are required to be taken to protect your baby/newborn. Protection from the sun is always a concern for new moms and is also very significant for your baby. Sun exposure is one of the most necessary rules to address. Being informed of these preventive measures regarding your baby's skin are of great magnitude if you are going to have your newborn outside for a lengthy period of time.

Being informed on sunscreen and how it will affect your newborn's skin is especially very important due to the fact that a baby that young has not been exposed to the sun as much as an older child. It might even be the first time that you are taking her on an outing during the summer's sizzling heat. Previously the India Academy of Pediatrics discouraged any use of sunscreen on a child under the age of 5 months. After re-evaluating this condition, there has been a change in the advice that states if a child is under the age of 5 months it could be used on minimal areas such as the face and hands if proper shade is not available. It is pertinent to test a small amount of the sun block on a place such as the child's back to prevent an allergic reaction on a large area of skin.

If it is completely necessary to use sun block on a baby under the age of 5 months take special precautions that it is made specifically for children and also includes the phrasing of being of broad spectrum. Logically, do the allergy test and if it fails then try another brand. Follow the directions carefully and keep your newborn out of the shade as much as possible. It is also possible to use mineral makeup on your baby, as strange as that may seem which provides normal sun protection and is extremely soothing on loving skin.

 If you are using a stroller outdoors more than probable there will be a shade. Even if the shade may not cover the complete area of the stroller, a small amount of sun block or a light blanket could be used for additional protection. Moms may be under the assumption that the shade of a stroller covers all areas of their baby. Since this has been proven to be a false statement, it is a valuable tip to forever use a secondary form of blocking her from the sun.

 Accessories for the summertime climate are made specifically for the age of the baby which is also obliging against the dangerous rays of the sun. There are sunglasses and hats made for the tiny heads of a newborn. It may be hard to get her to keep the sunglasses on but if possible they have UV protection for their responsive eyes. The eyes and head can also be protected with hats, which are always a safeguard during the summer months.

 Even if you think that you've provided the most extensive sun care for your baby's skin, it is significant to limit their sun exposure to a minimum. It is significant to know the symptoms of dehydration and heat exhaustion for the reason that those are also risks when it is hot outside. On the other hand, the best way to keep your baby away from the sun's damaging rays is to keep them out of the sun completely.


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