While toys can become troublesome for parents whose kids refuse to part with them for even a second, their importance can certainly not be denied. Toys play a major role in proper mental and physical development of infants. Be it for the development of motor skills through action figures or creativity through role-playing, they are indeed essential. To add to this is the social development which occurs when children interact over toys.

However, as shocking as it may seem, toys present a potentially dangerous side as well. Sometime during a child’s playtime with any toy, he or she is bound to put it in his or her mouth. While germs and bacteria do pose a problem, the real threat is posed by chemicals used during the manufacturing of toys. Be it through the colour or the print, a child can be exposed to harmful chemicals which can lead to complications like a skin infection, allergy etc.

Fortunately, Organic and More has a simple solution to the problem. Organic and More, an organic cotton baby clothing manufacturing company, also manufactures organic toys which are devoid of any chemicals. Be it hand embroidery, print, or stuffing – the toys include completely eco-friendly materials. The company also sources rattles and teethers made out of wood so that sharp edges don’t pose a problem as well.

So trust Organic and More, a reputed organic cotton baby clothing manufacturer, to supply toys which entertain and educate children without putting them under any sort of danger. The booming organic clothing industry offers many advantages over the traditional textile industry, which can be provided with organic toys as well. So get in touch with Organic and More today!