As a family, we try to do everything we can to conserve resources and protect the atmosphere for our babies. We recycle, use reusable versus disposable baby bottles and still use organic cloth diapers. One thing we had not explored until newly was adding organic baby clothing to our babies wardrobe.

Organic baby clothing is made from certified 100% pure organic natural cotton thread. This means it is insecticide and pesticide-free and is harvested in a manner that is environmentally and people-friendly.

As a mother, I got frustrated with baby clothes made from artificial materials that irritated my baby sensitive skin. Scratches and rashes needed to be treated with ointments and creams the cost of which adds up over time. Not to mention that the first time one of my little ones got a rash.

Since I have ongoing using baby clothes made from 100% pure organic cotton, rashes have stopped appearing and there is no more scratching. Lovable bodysuits and gowns are available for my baby and there are attractive rompers, tops and bottoms that my tot loves to wear. Accessories like blankets, booties and hats are also available and all features low impact dyes that are environmentally friendly.

I love this organic baby clothing so much, I've started purchasing gift sets for my mom-to-be friends. They often tell me that this is the most original gift they receive and amazing they feel most happy dressing their infants in for rest or play. I would recommend this clothing to any parent who is concerned about his or her little one and the world.

Organic baby clothing is an all natural product that is never exposed to dangerous dyes or chemicals. For a complete collection of the finest 100% Pure organic baby clothing, visit NinoBambino.IN Today.