Old and new, borrowed and blue

It seems like a simple topic. Yet once you've been dressing a baby at not only morning and night time, other than after every liquid burp, every overfull nappy and every muddy exploit, you'll soon develop a good sense for the baby clothes features that are sensible... and those that just aren't! If you don't desire to wait that long though, here are 10 more quick guidelines on buying it.

1. Buttons or zips

If you have an option, go for baby clothes with snap fasteners. Buttons take too long and baby with zips have to be totally opened from top to 'bottom' to get at the nappy.

2. Skirt shopping

Skirts on girls are generally for winter - otherwise they usually end up as a crowning glory for a great view of your baby's nappy! In winter you'll have tights on underneath the skirt, making her a bit more respectable. Confirm the waist isn't too tight on her.

3. Coloring for kids clothes

Boys generally put on blue and brown, girls wear pink and yellow. On the other hand, many parents get royally sick of seeing boys in blue and girls in pink! Given that most of these gifts you get will probably be in these 'safe' colors, when you're doing your own baby clothes shopping it's best to branch out a little, color wise.

4. Turtlenecks

These are great in winter, other than often get covered in drool and milk. Some offspring are irritated by them as well. Buy just one to test out how your child goes with this style of baby clothes.

5. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are very easy - you only have to find one piece of these in the morning, and there's no worrying about lost socks! though, separates are much more elastic aesthetically. It's good to have a mix of jumpsuits and 'big people's clothes' for your baby.

6. Early baby clothes

You can get clothes for early babies starting from 0-5. There is a much greater variety available online than in stores, though.

7. Nappies

A word to the wise... there is approximately no difference between the 'no brand' nappies and the most luxurious. Save yourself the cash for baby clothes that don't get used as a toilet!

8. Pants

Forever buy baby pants with an elasticized waist - zips and buttons are always either too tight or too loose.

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