When buying luxury baby clothes we must all take accountability for our atmosphere and limit the damage that is being done to our planet. By purchasing organic cotton and food we are showing that we care.

At Nino Bambino, we’re going organic with our comfort baby clothes. Are you? One farmer from UP in India explains “While organic farming is more complicated, it saves lives from not using pesticides, we no longer have debt problems. Income is all earnings at the end of the season.”  So not only do we have easy access to organic cotton clothing, at the same time we are supporting farmers growing the cotton. Organic cotton used in luxury baby clothes has been refined for thousands of years other than only in the last decade have we decided to certify it organic.  This is mostly due to growing concerns from the general public and ecological campaigners about the use of insecticides, pesticides and genetically customized seed used in the production and cultivation of cotton.  Nino Bambino recognizes the value of organic products and seeks to offer choice, quality and value in all our organic children’s clothes.

Growing organic cotton is not an easy task.  By using chemicals, the defer of the cotton is increased by 25% and standardizes quality.  By growing cotton organically, natural processes are used to defend the crop.  This in turn carries a higher risk and makes the supply more unpredictable, resulting in organic cotton foodstuffs being more luxurious, which in turn is passed onto the customer.

Cotton is a natural fiber and so much better than horrid manmade fibers such as polyester or nylon.  Did you know that in order to produce the average T-shirt or pair of jeans, a whole pound of fertilizers and pesticides are used in the fabrication of each item of clothing?  This does not compare to an item of clothing made of pure, elastic, soft and breathable organic cotton.  There are so many reasons for buying organic cotton excluding one of the main reasons is that there is evidence to suggest that chemical residues left in conservative cotton clothing can be engrossed through the skin.  This would be of particular concern to hopeful mothers and those with babies and small children and explains why so much of the organic cotton produced goes into making clothes for babies.  The excellence of organic cotton is certainly brilliant, the soft, yielding, durable and breathable fibers are excellent for little ones and there are many remarkably well designed products on the market.  For babies and children, we chiefly like the brand Nino Bambino, Organics for Kids and Bamboo Baby.

What wants to be recognized is the fact that buying organic cotton is better for our earth by not leaving any toxins to pollute the soil or water or kill any wildlife.

Did you know that about 50,000 cotton workers are killed each year from infectivity (World Health Organisation)?

We must all take accountability for our atmosphere and limit the damage that is being done to our earth.  By buying organic cotton and food we are showing that we mind.

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