Summer is pool and beach time; of umbrellas and sun, of hammock but those that you have babies in house well you know that when initiating this time of the year it is required to take extreme care. If the increase in temperature, UV rays or water affects adults, what effect can they have on the babies in the house?

Nowadays we want to transfer you a series of basic information to go to the beach with babies. Definitely you find them helpful.

The complete kit

When you are planning your first tour to the beach with your baby, the essential kit you must take includes the following essentials:

Towels and Spare Diapers.

Baby bottle with milk, water and pieces of fruit in a thermal bag.

Sunscreen with physical filter.

Toys and tethers / pacifiers...

Cream for chafing and irritation.

A kid wagon.

Matter of age

The big question for many parents is, "at what age can I take my baby to the beach?" Even though there is no exact answer, there are many approximate. In this logic, the skin of babies in their first months of age is very responsive. The effect of the sun, the scrape of hot sand, sweats or sea salt can reason irritations.

In this logic, we recommend that you wait at 10 months of age to take you to the beach for the first time.

Time is the key

The time in which more sunshine strikes and more damage are done by UV rays is the time between the hours of 10:00 noon and 4:00 p.m. We recommend that your visits to the beach with your baby are forever at times outside of these periods and never extend these times of beach more than 70-75 minutes.


Obviously, you have to confirm that your baby's skin is fully protected. Therefore, children over six months can use specific sunscreen for babies, with the highest level of protection, resistant to water and preferably, physical filter. Different chemical filter sunscreens, they do not absorb the components and don’t cause damage to responsive skin.

Also, cover your legs and arms with shirts and pants clear Organic cotton or breathable fabrics (never synthetic). Never forget your hat and that it is as long as possible under the umbrella, both on the towel and in your car seat, when you take him for a walk.

Hydration at all times

Babies tend to stay well hydrated with breast milk available, even though it is suitable to carry a thermal bag with your water bottle as well as segments and pieces of fruit rich in water and fresh. Remember that the smaller a baby is the more risk he runs from dehydration.

You could carry all your necessary items as a bag, toys and even crate in a wagon that is designed for the beach.


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