Positive parenting begins with pregnancy. It’s not just about the love and care the parents shower upon their child during his or her infancy; it’s also about the care they bestow during the pregnancy. The way a pregnant woman carries herself and is looked after plays a more important role in the development of the baby than many think it does. And to ensure you and your family are blessed with a healthy child, it is ideal for pregnant women to take some precautions that promote healthy development. Below is a list of some such precautions, which when adopted for mere 9 months, can bless your entire life:

Alcohol: A no-brainer, alcohol is the first thing every doctor bars a pregnant woman from. However, making a case for the magnitude of this precaution, alcohol consumption during pregnancy may cause FAS – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Babies born with this disease may grow slowly, have abnormal facial features and/or face learning problems. The worst of all – there is no cure for these FAS problems. So it’s not even advisable, it’s necessary to avoid alcohol during pregnancy. This also applies to medicines and other products which contain alcohol content to any extent.

Cigarettes: A health hazard in any case, cigarette smoking is even injurious during pregnancy – carrying its adverse effects to the baby. Pregnant women who smoke are more likely to deliver a baby who weighs below normal. Such babies are more prone to problems such as infections, breathing and feeding problems, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Even passive smoking is considered as a possible trigger behind SIDS, so it’s advisable to avoid both smoking and smoking areas.

Food habits: Regulating your diet is also an integral part of proper care during pregnancy. Eating raw meats or poultry increases the risk of parasitic or infectious disease while foods with sodium nitrate can cause cancer. It is recommended to minimize the consumption of processed food items, wash fruits and vegetables before use, cook fish and poultry thoroughly, and drink only pasteurized milk for a safe and sound development of the baby.

Toxoplasmosis: For pregnant couples with pets, toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by exposure to a parasite present in cat feces, undercooked or raw meat, and plant soil. The disease can harm the brain development of a baby if caught by a pregnant woman. To ensure your safety against the disease, cook meat thoroughly, wash the dirt off fresh produce, wear gloves while gardening and avoid contact with cat feces under all circumstances – have someone else clean the litterbox during pregnancy.

Prepare: While there are plenty of precautions to be taken during pregnancy, know that there won’t be any respite once the baby is delivered as well. The precautions will be swapped for responsibilities which will undoubtedly make your life hectic. So it’s better to be prepared in the fronts possible. Baby proof the apartment beforehand if you feel the need, store poisonous and other unsafe items in upper cupboards and keep unisex organic cotton baby wear ready to be able to devote more time to your baby. Avoid travelling needlessly and shop for organic baby clothes at home from Babies online shopping stores only.

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So don’t fret too much over the major change about to come into your life, love each and every moment of the memorable journey. Incorporate these precautions wisely to ensure a joyous life lies ahead for you and your family. Having a baby is certainly a life changing event, get all the help you need from Nino Bambino and other ideal sources to make sure your this change is both smooth and memorable.