From time to time, friends and family members have the propensity to give tons of gifts for a baby especially baby clothes. Since there are consequently many, you may not be able to let your baby boy or baby girl put on the whole thing and before you know it, most of these are already small for him/her. What will you do now? Storing the whole thing up to put in to your basement is not a good idea nor is it practical. The most excellent advice is that you sell these unused baby clothes online.


Here are several guidelines that you can follow in selling baby clothes online:

1. Set up a website - If you are a tech-savvy person or at least you are well-informed of posting online then you can create your own website that will serve as your online shop. You can purchase your own domain and host it so it looks more specialized or you can also use free options like Facebook, Multiply or Tumblr. Using social networking sites is great too so, you can sell straight to people whom you know aka your Facebook friends.


2. Register to a dependable shopping site - If you want you can also register to a shopping site like Amazon, flipkart and Nino Bambino to post the items you want to sell and wait for interested buyers.


3. Take pictures of the items that you desire to sell - After signing up with an account, you have to start taking pictures of the baby clothes that you are going to sell. Confirm to take good photos to attract buyers.


4. Post the photos with description - You must now post the photos to the site and place a description of the items. You must include the size, color, brand and other details of the products. You can also mention your reason for selling those unused baby clothes so potential buyers will know.


5. Give contact information - Do not forget to provide contact information specially an email address so potential buyers can contact you.


6. Arrange buying options - You must also arrange buying options like mode of payments and terms of agreements. It is easier to use PayPal these days as you can right away track the payment.


7. Ship the items or do meet-ups - You can ship the items or you can also arrange meet ups especially if the buyer is just living near your area. Though, shipping the items is less hassle and it's best for your own safety too.


Many people are already selling their stuff online. It is not as hard as it seems however still you must be careful with "bogus" buyers. Confirm to ask valid get in touch with information so you'll know if you are dealing with a legitimate buyer. It is also best to set up great rapport with your clientele so you can easily get in touch with them in case you have other things to sell in the future.


By selling your unused baby clothes, you are not only removing clutter in your house but you are able to earn some money too that you can use for other necessities of your baby.