A fever is defined as a core body temperature above 100.4°F (38°C). A babies fever might spike at a temperature that's fairly high and that is quite normal for the reason that a fever is the body's natural defense against bacteria and viruses infections. At the same time as most fevers come down on t viruses and their own, Now and again it is needed to reduce a fever for a babies comfort. In some cases, the temperature will become very high and will need to be reduced as soon as possible (in cases where the body temperature is in excess of 104°F, take the child to the emergency room immediately).

Reducing a babies fever may also check febrile seizures in those who are prone to them, as some children will react to a rapid temperature change with a seizure. These seizures are usually benign but are awfully frightening to parents. By managing a baby’s body temperature, these seizures perhaps avoided altogether.

According to pediatrician, you must also take your infant to the ER in these additional situations:

"A baby under 3 months or those with resistant system issues or other issues (such as sickle cell anemia, HIV, Cancer, Lupus etc.) must be brought to the ER for a fever over 100.4 rectal"

"Still at lower temperatures, if a baby is lethargic (unresponsive), has a dark spotted rash, or is experiencing breathing issues, they must be brought to the ER."


If your baby's fever is at or over 104°F (103°F auxiliary), take your baby to the doctor without delay.

Ways to Reduce a Baby's Fever

There are several ways to assist, including:
Give the baby a sponge bath.
Offer the baby a Popsicle.
Give the baby the optional dosage of acetaminophen.
Change the baby into light clothing.
Give the baby the recommended dosage of ibuprofen. (Do not give if the baby is under six months old.)
If the baby's fever rises above or spikes at 104°F (103°F auxiliary), take the child to the doctor without delay.

The final goal is to keep the baby's fever below 102°F. If the temperature can be maintained below this level and the baby appears fairly alert, the fever can normally be managed at home. If the fever cannot be maintained below 102°F, the baby experiences a stiff neck or extreme lethargy, or a rash that does not go away when pressed with a finger, go to the nearby emergency room for evaluation.


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