Is it just me or several on else also feel that there is a lack of clothes for a baby boy in the bazaar that too in reasonable cost. I had delivered a baby boy six week ago. He was just 3KG but searching clothes for him was very tricky for me. I was not able to get clothes that will fit him in those early days was near not likely.

For the first few months of his life he was cover in almost everything we put him into. That time I understand that this is the start of a battle for me to find clothes for him. It was extremely easy for buying clothes for my offspring who is two years older. I have never struggle so much to find her clothing for any event. I have the stores I visit for reasonable daily put on and then other stores for clothing that is a little clothing for individual events.

There is usually more than one store in all price range and the variety of clothing is gigantic. I have although had a completely different experience when shopping for infant boy clothing and toddler boy clothing. Initially I brushed this off and idea that probably I just hadn't found the right stores yet.

But now two years down the path I have hunt and hunt and I am still harassed. Yes there is great baby boy clothing obtainable other than everything that is half decent seems to have a silly price tag attach to it.

While buying for boys clothes at retail stores, I've noticed that boys attire are twice more costly than girls attire. Consequently I began my search on the internet for reasonable, affordable, quality and durable clothing.

My hope is to cover every range in finding boys clothes for all age which suits for all occasion. Primarily I'm looking for every day wear the type of clothing that is fairly cheap but totally durable.


My objective is to cover all range to find clothing for boys of all ages that are appropriate for all occasions. Jeans, jumpers, t-shirts and shorts that can hold up 'boyish' behavior such as rolling around, climbing and jumping. Only these kinds of clothes I will select for my son as he goes to daycare. I'm looking for a collection of fashion of baby boy clothing.