A newborn baby is vulnerable and only beginning to adjust to the new environment. For the most part of their first year of life, your baby will spend most of its time sleeping and eating. And there will be many things you will need to do and not to do.


The Do's and don'ts during your baby's first 6 months :

As you know, taking care of any kind of baby, let alone a six-month-old baby is extremely hard. Because we understand this, here are a few precautions that should be taken, so your baby does not get sick or suffer any kind of discomfort:


Dos :

1.Keep your health top-notch, while breastfeeding. As your health is your baby’s health.

2.Keep your baby clean and tidy, give a regular bath and take excessive care of your baby’s hygiene.

3.Take proper measures for your child’s food and feedings and provide a well-balanced diet for your child.

4.Make sure your baby has enough sleep for good health.

5.Dress you, baby, appropriately. For the initial few months, make sure your baby is all wrapped up.


Don’ts :

1.Keep away from indulging into bad habits, such as drinking and smoking.

2.Stay away from pills and drugs, as they have a direct effect on your child, before birth and after birth.

3.Do not feed your baby solids or any other kind of solid foods before it is the right time.

4.Additionally, make sure that your baby does not begin drinking fluids other than breast milk before the right time either.


Taking care of a baby for the first six months is nothing short of a herculean task. However, with the help of some Baby Products Online Shopping in India and specific care given to your baby’s needs, the task will become less difficult over time.