World Environment Day is notable internationally on June 5th, the anniversary of the Stockholm Conference of 1972, which was possibly one of the first major worldwide events to focus attention on the continual degradation of the environment. World Environment Day is also meant to be a "thinker" event, providing opportunities for workshops, symposiums and seminars on preserving the environmental health of our planet for the advantage of generations to come. World Environment Day is a superb concept that is much needed due to today's negative ecological impact on our planet. Every individual gains benefits by participating in their ideas and your buying of organic baby clothing is a perfect place to start.

Organic clothing is not new and was the common form of clothing a century ago other than the fabric revolution in the middle of the last century saw the rise of numerous artificial products. Cotton farming is very hard on our environment. Statistics state that all t-shirt made with regular cotton requires ¼ cup of chemicals. The chemicals used in the processing of cotton also pollute the air and surface waters. Cotton crops make up about 3%of the world's refined land but it uses approximately 25 percent of the world's pesticides and 10 percent of the world's insecticides in its farming. Not only that, once the cotton is harvested, it is further abused by the harsh scours, sprays, dyes and other toxins that manufacturers use still before the fabric is sent to get cut into patterns for clothes. Chemicals used in its production pollute the air, soil and water. Residual chemicals often causes skin annoyance and are harmful to the earth, the environment and all the public involved.

Organic clothing is free from harmful chemicals and is a trendy option for young parents and mothers to be who are concerned about the harmful toxins used in the growth of cotton and other goods. As a result organic baby clothing including organic bamboo clothing are becoming increasingly popular and are developing into quite a large range of products. Organic clothing is manufactured to last, lasting the wear and tear of normal life cycle and finally reaching a bio-degradable end. With the good news being, unlike their synthetic counterparts, organic goods do not deplete the planet's resources.

Dressing your baby in organic clothing is the responsible abundance that will protect them from injury. There are many small steps you can take to becoming an eco-conscience customer and you can start by buying organic baby clothing.