Summer is here and almost every person we know hates it. The wind is humid, the skin is sweating and the whole thing is simply unbearable. Of course as adults, we can crib as much as we like but what about tiny babies?

Your newborns need you to be extra considerate in the coming months. They may not be able to say it out loud but summer is never kind to babies. Here are some things you must know

Avoid stepping out with the baby between 10pm to 3:30pm

Pediatrics suggests that because the sun’s rays are strongest between 10pm to 3:30pm, it is best to avoid stepping out with your little one at these times. If push comes to shove and there is no way to avoid it, ensure you take essential precautions. “Baby skin is really responsive to sun’s rays. Ensure that if you step out during high noon, the baby is well covered, maybe dress her in a light-colored full sleeves shirt and pants, take an umbrella or make her put on a cap to protect her face. You can even purchase the baby friendly sunscreens that are now available in the bazaar but ensure they are below SPF 15 range,” she/he says.

Purchase the right stroller and crib

Ensure the places where your baby sleeps or spends any amount of time resting, is cool and comfortable. Woolen bedding and Satin sheets can heat up really fast, without giving correct ventilation. When you purchase a stroller select one with a lightweight fabric if possible nylon. Fancy strollers and cribs sold in America or Europe or are not perfect for the Indian weather.

When exposed to hot temperatures, the heat rises directly in the stroller, making it hard for the baby to even breathe. Do not leave your baby in a hot car either, no matter how small the time. Hot cars can cause deaths in mere minutes.

Don’t pile clothes on the baby

Indians have a thing for piling clothes on babies no matter the season. Dr Singh (pediatrics consultant) says that parents should be strongly discouraged from doing so. “People clothe their children in vests, then shirts, then sweaters and even warm caps in summers. They shouldn’t,” he says.

Dr. Pooja Rai also says that the babies must only be dressed in clothes made from organic fabrics like cotton. “I always tell my patients that you must dress the baby the way you would dress yourself. You wouldn’t want to walk around wearing sweaters in May right?,” she says.

Babies require more milk

You must have heard and read this everywhere that you must drink more water in summers to keep yourself well hydrated. The same goes for babies. Their bodies too lose water quickly in the hot season and so require to be replenished sufficient and frequently.

On the other hand, babies under 6-months-old cannot be given water directly to drink so the mother needs to breastfeed the baby more than earlier than. In summers, the requirement increases by 50%. “For example, if a 10 pound baby consumes 20 ounces of milk in a day, she must now be fed 30 ounces in summer.

More breastfeeding also means that the mother also wants to be able to produce more milk. “The mother must drink enough water and keep herself hydrated to meet the demand. On the other hand, unlike what is commonly suggested, there is no exact ‘glass count’ you require to meet. “You should just drink enough to satisfy your thirst. There is no thumb rule to how much you should drink. If you stay inside all day in air-conditioned surroundings, your body will lose water much slower. Thus, you don’t require keeping chug water just to meet a count.