When you are a first time moms, being responsible for another human being is a fairly daunting prospect! It is tricky to know when you are just being a slightly over protective parent and when you really do need to call in medical help for your baby. If your baby is very ill and has complexity in breathing has a very high temperature, is vomiting or defecating excessively, having convulsions or passing blood then you surely need to call a doctor. Equally if he is weak and has no energy you may wish to check with a professional. On the other hand, in most cases you will be able to simply treat minor problems yourself. Here are a few of the most common baby health issues and tips about treating them.

Caring For A Newborns Umbilical Twine

When your baby comes home, he will still have a part of the umbilical twine attached to his belly button. This will all off within a few weeks. On the other hand, it can become infected so until it does drop off you must take care to keep it clean and dry. It is recommended that you gently dab the area once or twice a day with some alcohol on a cotton swab. It is also significant to confirm that the baby's diaper is below the twine so that it is not rubbed or wet with urine. In the event that the twine becomes red and irritated or bleeds and leaks foul smelling pus, you must contact your baby's health provider. In the first few weeks this will likely be your midwife.

Treating and Preventing Diaper Rash

It is possible to prevent diaper rash all together by changing your baby's diaper regularly and washing her bottom with soap and warm water between changes. Still, if the skin does become irritated you can apply zinc oxide paste to the affected area. It can also be useful to leave baby exposed for a few hours each day to let her bottom enjoy fresh air. Do not forget to put some towels underneath her to catch any accidents!

Treating Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain can be one of the most frustrating issues for both moms and babies. It is severe pain caused by wind, and can only really be soothed until it passes. You must make sure that all other needs are taken care of before assuming that it is stomach pain causing baby to cry. Is he hot, wet, lonely or tired? If you are confident it is stomach pain there are a number of ways to calm the pain. Try holding baby stomach down across your lap and rubbing his back. You may also wish to add a gentle rocking motion. Sometimes pushing the baby in a stroller can sooth them. If stomach pain is everyday then consider swapping baby's diet.

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