Taking care of a baby that is born early (i.e. “premature”) has its own set of challenges. Consequently, the parents of a baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy need special information to help them manage the baby’s wants. While your premature baby starts to adjust being at home, you will require following a routine to make sure proper care of your dear preemie. Think these vital points during the early weeks at home.

Set a sleeping pattern – Your baby can sleep for more time than a full-term baby, but will tend to wake up more frequently. So, you might require soothing your baby many times during the night. Your baby ought to sleep on the back.

Manage fussiness – Too much light or sound can trouble your premature baby. So, try to create a peaceful atmosphere and swaddle your baby in a blanket. Keep in mind to hold him or her as regularly as possible. But, wrap the blanket loose around the hips and legs while swaddling your baby.

Keep visitors to a minimum – Since premature babies require more defense than full-term babies, limit the number of friends and family who may come to visit the baby. Visitors ought to also avoid touching the baby. Keep your baby away from sick family members or friends.

Stick to the hospital feeding routine- Feeding a baby according to the hospital schedule is significant. The gap between two feedings ought to not exceed 4 hours to avoid dehydration. Small feedings will help in decreasing spitting up.

Do not neglect your own needs – Taking good care of yourself will help you to take the best care of your baby.

The Temperature: The temperature plays a big role in developing the premature baby’s sustenance. You are advised to keep the temperature contented. Many parents think using sleepsuits, vest and blankets in order to keep the baby at his or her comfortable temperature. Depending on the baby, you can always remove the items mentioned above one by one. Your doctor should be able to help you with your question regarding the correct temperature. Many babies tend to get cold very quickly whereas many stay temperate

Top and Tail Wash: Premature babies generally are not supposed to go through a full wash. Instead of giving him or her bath, you can simply wash the face, neck and the bottom with lukewarm water and cotton balls.

Dry Skin: Refrain from using any kind of moisturizers in case your baby has a dry skin. You are recommended to consult the pediatrician concerning the same, on the other hand, with time, you will be able to use baby products that are not harsh and have been specially manufactured for babies.

Keep the Surroundings Clean: It is advised that you keep the surroundings in your home as clean as possible. Since the baby’s resistant system is not absolutely developed, he or she needs extra protection. Ensure to wash your hands before taking the baby in your laps.


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