Development and nature of babies are not only based on genetics but also on external situation like exercise, environment and nutrition. Therefore, it is significant to have your tot indulge in brain-boosting activities. Here, we have listed some tips for brain development activities for babies.

Baby researchers have a term for the easy interplay between a mother and child. They call it “the serve and return” because, says Dr. Rahul, it’s like a game of tennis in which you play back and forth. “When they look at you, you take action by talking or smiling. That’s just what we know how to do as parents. You don’t need flash cards or fancy tablets. You just need to connect with your baby.”

Reading to your baby is one of the most powerful things you can do for the reason that it is multi-sensorial, says Dr. Rahul. “When you hold and rock your baby while you are reading, it involves sight, hearing, touch and smell.” Studies show newborns even recognize books their mothers read aloud while they were pregnant.


By talking to your baby, you are helping them develop their vocabulary even when they’re infants. “All that cooing and babbling that’s going on early, that are the child’s paralanguage skills developing,” said Sachin. “Babies express their wants and start to communicate in a variety of ways. Mothers require recognizing that’s communication.” Studies have shown that the number of words a child learns by the age of three grows in direct correlation to how many words are spoken in the home.

The sensory experience of soothing water can help boost brain development. For an added bonding bonus, climb into the tub with baby to maximize precious skin-to-skin contact.

Mothers often receive mixed messages about when and how often to react to their crying baby. Crying is a response to stress for a baby and is the only way they have to converse. When we pick them up, says Dr. Rahul, we are teaching them that the world is there for them, so don’t second-guess your instinct to pick them up. Babies who get picked up and soothed will likely cry less because they’re developing their own self-soothing techniques, said Rahul. “Children are influencing their surroundings right off the bat and you responding to the cues they’re giving is a huge thing. It’s telling them that you hear what they are saying.”

Introducing special scents can be a fun way to stimulate your baby’s brain development. Try applying lavender lotion during an every night massage or take a trip to the backyard to smell the flowers.

Studies show that, regardless of culture, men play differently with children than women and babies benefit from both kinds of play. “While women tend to cuddle with baby, men tend to pick baby up, hold them out front and walk their fingers along them from the bottom to the top,” says Dr. Rahul. “It’s terrific because mom is soothing and dad activates thrill so the infant hears dad’s voice and gets excited.” This applies to uncles, grandpas and male friends, too.


Cuddling with your baby is as significant as being active with them. “Don’t make it all about language and brain,” said rahul. As with so much parenting advice, it’s all about balance. “If we’re frantically saying to new parents that they have to make every single moment count, their presence is being stolen by their anxiety. When you’re involving with your child, think about what you’re doing with your child as a person, not about whether you’re building your child’s brain.”


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